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    Upgraded to M1 - low bit rate when remote


      My PRO-HD failed, so I replaced it with a M1.  Set up worked fine, and I am getting 5 - 6 mbs on the local network.  However, I get no higher than 170kbs from any remote location (I routinely got 3 - 4 mbs remotely with the PRO-HD). This poor performance is with a PC using a browser or my phone.


      UPnP is enabled and the router indicated that it is active for the M1.  The help articles offer no additional help.


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance.



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          RichJ Newbie

          Is the quality setting on auto or best? Are you running HD or SD? I am running SD while i wait for adapter and set to highest quality. Works fine remote on iphone, ipad, macbook air. Only problem is some wifi services on planes d not like you streaming.


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