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    "OUT OF SYNC" picture on Component (YPbPr) input - see attachment

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      So I am 10+ years happy user of Slingbox Pro and recently upgraded and installed M1 with new cable box (UPC Media Box). The Standard Sefinition (SD) Composite input on M1 works fine but there is issues with high definition (HD) component input. Since Mediabx has no Component (YPbPr) output, I had to use 3rd party converter Slingbox recommends and connected as instructed. The Mediabox works with two output resolutions on HDMI: 1080i and 720p. Slingbox M1 shows message "No video detected" for 720p setting in cable box, and for 1080i it shows out of sync picture - example in attached photo. I checked everything including SOC, it is not a case. I plugged YPbPr output from converter output directly to TV set and the picture is correct for 710p and 1080i. But when I connect to M1, it gets out of sync.


      Any ideas? Is it possible M1 is broken?  It is brand new purchased from authorized retailer (Amazon.de) in sealed box. Please advise, I appreciate it. Capture.JPG