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    Pro HD/Catcher streaming remotely in HD

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      Has anyone ever been able to stream remotely in HD from a SB PRO HD to Sling Cather ?  I know sling media says it should be possible to stream in near HD quality from a Pro HD to a catcher required you have 2M or higher upload speed. However I have never been able to select the HD option on the catcher and I was wondering what should it be. I have a 5M upload and 50M download and stream from Brazil to Germany. the latency is 200ms which gives me about 2,5M real speed on the catcher but I still can't select the HD option. I've seen sling media saying that in this case the source attached to the SB is not HD and In my case the box is connect to my cable STB via Component cable. Should I get a HDMI/Component converter in order to stream in HD or it doesn't really change much. Any help would be much appreciated .