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    M1 straight to TV


      Hi there - looking to purchase the M1 but I would like to primarily use it abroad to watch on a smart TV. Is that possible, and what's the best possible way?


      I understand the slingcatcher has been discontinued, and all the TV options mentioned are streamed from ipad or iphone via a Roku, Apple TV, or similar device.


      thanks for your help! rgds

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          RichJ Newbie

          I am wondering how VGA connectir from PC handles HDCP or does Cimponent adapter (if you wait for it) strip

          Hdcp. Note only interested in location displacement not illicit copying.

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            sakisson Novice

            once you use the cast option, the video will be broadcasted on your tv, while the remote will be available within the slingplayer application > you have just to leave the slingplayer software active on the background while using other applications on your tablet.

            As for the firetv I cant tell you if all the remote buttons will be available as I do not have it and most probably i dont have the same set-top box > will be better to start a new thread to find out tte viewing experience from someone with the same set-top as your and firetv stick/box

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              esdwa Newbie

              Here is the solution:

              Buy Chromecast and plug it into your TV whenever you will watch. Chromecast supports SlingMedia and it will receive stream from your M1/M2. I have it on two TV's and works every time anywhere.


              P.s. And yes, I used to use Slingcatchers myself in past, these are collecting dust now as not compatible with M1/M2 , replaced by Chromecasts. Good luck