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    French box Freebox mini 4K remote codes

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      I have the French box Freebox mini 4K. And use it with Slingbox 350.

      I found that the file for Alice TVL-HD03A written by Alan Richey and uploaded in JP1 works very well with this box. It is here.


      So I have posted the file in JP1 under the name Freebox mini 4K here.


      Now my request:

      - The buttons page up page down are not mapped. Can you assign them to volume up, volume down? (Volume up and down DO work in the menu right click)

      - The color buttons (Red yellow, green etc.) do not work with the Freebox mini 4K. Can you do anything about it?

      - The info button is not working.

      - The 4 custom buttons do not do anything, maybe not needed or could be used for other function?

      Everything else works perfectly.

      Many thanks to Alan Richey for his dedication and support of this community.



      Joseph Chamasrour