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    sb 100-100 internet connection

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      Can anyone help me ?

      i have this sb100-100 , for over a couple years now and never could watch it over the internet , i did all the settings (port forwarding wise ) on my router and its 100% correct, but still cant get any connection.

      i was going to buy a newer model but how can i trust that sling box really works? I'm not spending  any more money with this kind of equipment if i cannot get any proof that this thing really works.

      I'm from Brazil and there is no support on the Brazilian sling media website! there is only a poor coded website that not even the hyperlinks are working.

      I have a bunch of friend whom was really amazed with this solution, we travel a lot to business and this supposed to be the  best solution for us.

      if is there anyone from the sling media reading this, i need a solution for my case.


      please help.