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    Is there a Trade-In/Refurbishment Program?


      Dear Fellow Slingbox Users,


      I have 3 Slingboxes, 2 of which are active, but are extremely old models. Another one of my Slingboxes is not working properly, and that is the best-quality, most recent version that I own is an SC100-XXX. I'm sure that's years out of date (all of my Slingboxes came to me second-hand), but at least it's got HDMI unlike my other ones, the best of which features a proprietary Slingbox HDMI adapter interface, but you can't plug HDMI directly into it, only the Slingbox-to-Component Adapter.


      In any event, I am just wondering if Slingbox has a trade-in to upgrade program, where I could trade in my older models and pay an additional fee to upgrade to a new or refurbished Slingbox unit. I haven't been able to find anything like that on the website, and Slingbox charges the $29.99 US per incident fee to call the Customer Service number. Anyone know?