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    How do I access the settings to change AV device and remote?


      I recently upgraded to the new Xfinity X1 system. I purchased a HDMI to component adapter. The adapter worked fine and my Slingbox 500 was working except that I could not change channels from my Android phone. I found a thread on the forum that said to go into Slingboxes settings and change settings for AV device and remote. When I originally set up my Slingbox, I used the remote that came with it and did the complete set up on the TV screen. I've tried connecting through my pc, but cannot connect to my slingbox. I am running a 64bit browser and I think that is why I cannot connect. I've done 3 hard resets trying to get to the AV set up and every time I do, Slingbox wants to do an update. After the update is completed and the reboot done it comes back on without the set up screen coming back on. Now when I connect with my phone is says that my Slingbox in not configured.

      How can I get into my settings and finish setting up the device and select the new remote needed to be able to change channels?