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    at a complete loss, my slingbox has disappeared on my computer


      I haven't used my slingbox in a while, but when i last did i had no problems at all. Today i went to watch it and nothing would work. I then noticed that my slingbox350 has completely dissappeared from my directory. I tried anyway to connect to "myslingbox" thinking it would connect... with out any luck at all. I tried the app, chrome extension and all three web pages (chrome, edge & firefox).
      Nothing is working and i am at a complete loss.  Can anyone help me with some direction on what to do? cause i'm freakin livid at Slingbox right now! And the fact that it's so **** hard to get any support w/o paying $30 because of a problem created by slingbox is ridiculous. I can't even get to a new set up because the my slingbox will not connect.