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    Problems in how to hook up Slingbox using wifi--Please help!

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      My slingbox stopped working because I got a new Modem/Router from Comcast recently. Now I am having a horrid time (spending wayyy too much time too) trying to get it back to normal!


      I have the following set up in my basement, where the modem/router and the TV are located.


      Note: There is a concrete wall nearby and while you can physically see the modem from the TV, maybe it cannot see it as clearly. I get that. But this is ALWAYS how it was, even when it worked before.


      I have a TV and cable, and this is hooked up to comcast cable coming in from the wall as is standard.

      I have my apple TV and while these can see wifi, I have it hard wired with cat 5 because it really doesnt like doing it with wifi.

      I have my slingbox and the plugs on back hooked to cable, the small wire with the "eye" and the power plug. This had worked previously without a network cat5 cable on it. It had never had an issue when seeing that Modem/Router with wifi.


      Now with my new Modem/Router this no longer works, and I have tried everything.

      The new Modem/Router is exactly the same model as the one I had, so in theory, one should be able to change some input data and it should see it.

      but I cannot fathom how exactly to do this or where--without having to endure those STUPID ads on the slingbox app over and over every time I do anything!


      I can tell you that if I plug that network cat5 cable into the slingbox, it works! I can see it on my PC and on my phone just like before. Can connect or disconnect either one and it works great.


      So the only new change is that somehow, the slingbox cannot see wifi of my new modem router, but if I hook it up directly it can work.


      I figured I could solve this by just hooking it up to a network cable. I ordered a simple cat5 female to female splitter, figuring that I would never need to use both the apple TV and the slingbox at the same time (I use slingbox when away) and I hoped this would make everything work.


      It does not work. If both are hooked up, neither gets feed.


      Have any ideas? The TV area only has one network cable connector. It has been, as said, for my apple TV unit.


      Is there a way, while sling is hooked up and working, to use that moment as a time to change any settings so it later sees it as wifi like it used to?