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    XiD-P and M2 or Sling500

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      Anyone know if there is a way to get sling to work with the Comcast XiD-P boxes?   I have an HDMI splitter on the output and have and HDMI to Component output converter on one of the splitter outputs.  I can actually operate the box remotely, but no video or sound.



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          I used the Gang-Hu Converter linked from the Slingbox website.  It's easy to setup BUT the big issue, if you have the legacy Slingbox Pro, is getting a working remote for the XiD-P device.  I'm not sure if the MS or Sling500 has the remote setup for the XiD-P, as I don't have one, but if it is NOT listed, you will probably have difficulty finding a remote that works on mobile.  TV isn't an issue as the RNG100 and the RNG100RF work well on computers.


          As the Slingbox Pro is now a discontinued item, I'm fairly positive that SlingMedia will not be updating the box for the XiD-P remote which is really sad.  I have a fully functional Slingbox Pro and can not get full mobile control of it.


          Also, posting for help on these forums isn't really that great as it appears that none of the Sling Media techs every peruse the posts.  If I am wrong and a tech at Sling Media is reading this, please let me know if there is a code, whether Pace or whoever, that will work with the Pace XiD-P boxes!!!