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    Slingbox Solo Setup just hanging "Locating your SlingBox on the network"



      I have a Slingbox solo and been using it successfully for years.  I have a new STB and I need to update the remote settings for the Slingbox.  The Slingbox is connected via Ethernet on the same network and I can view the sling media with slingplayer on the PC.

      But when I try to go the setup page, it just hangs with the display text "Locating your SlingBox on the network" with a rotating spinner in the top right.  It has been sitting there doing this for the last hour.  I have restarted the slingbox a couple of times and I can ping the slingbox's IP address on the local network so I know it is there.

      I am using Windows 7 64bit, Internet Explorer 11, and the latest version of Java.

      I'm not sure what else to try?  I use the Slingplayer a lot and love it.  So I really want to get this setup with the new set top box.

      Appreciate any help.