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    Slingbox 350 Remote stopped working

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      I have had no problems with my 350, via computer, or iphone.  All of a sudden the remote stopped working.  When I select any button on the remote it will pause the screen momentarily then return to the program.   I have tried resetting the sling box and also reconfiguring the whole thing with no luck.  I get a connection because when I log into my slingbox it will broadcast what is on my tv and if I change the channel on my tv then sling box will follow.  the problem is the remote that I select is not working , even thou it is the correct one for the cable company I have (Buckeye digital) and the correct set top box Arris Moxi MP2000NA.  So I don't know what happened but the remote was working and now does not.  ANY IDEA'S ????