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    Slingplayer on Fire TV won't work - stuck on licence screen


      Hello, I'm a recent convert to Slingbox and think it's fantastic.  I have a Slingbox 350 working perfectly with my Sky source across Desktop, iPhone, iPad and Fire tablet.

      I really need some help please:

      I bought a Fire TV stick and have 'side-loaded' the Fire tablet app onto it.  The app launches on Fire TV but then gets stuck on the 'Licence terms' screen.  I can scroll down using the Fire TV remote but I am unable to click the 'accept' or 'do not accept' buttons at the bottom.  I have tried using the Fire TV app remote on the iPhone, and using a mouse / pointer app on the Fire TV to no avail - I can't click the 'accept' button.

      I upgraded to the paid for Slingplayer app and it still does not work.  When I did a first time install of the Slingplayer app on the Fire tablet I was presented with the licence terms - which I accepted; but when I then side-load it on to the Fire TV stick it presents the licence terms again and gets stuck.

      Please help?  Please can you provide me with a Slingplayer app that works on the Fire TV stick? - I am going overseas soon with my family and wanted to have this working on the apartment TV.

      Many thanks