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    Ads - What were Slingbox thinking !


      I have to say they now have so many ads in the Slingbox clients that I've given up - and whereas, I used to buy every new Slingbox when they came out I won't be buying another.


      Real shame the company has taken this approach - I would be embarrassed if I worked for a company like this..

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          I wholeheartedly agree.  Get rid of the ads in Slingplayer desktop.  It's bad enough to have banner ads but at least we can watch the live stream when it starts.  Instead you straight out lie and say "Buffer building" and we can't bypass the ad.  Worst thing I've ever seen from a company.  I used to be a BIG supporter of all things Slingbox for years, but not any more!


          It'd be one thing if I was using a free device on the Internet.  But I paid for the device.  Now I have to put up with ads for something I paid for?  Nope.

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            I agree.  I pay over $100 for a piece of hardware and then they force ads, with no way to offer a paid service ad free.


            Not a fan of the business model they have chose.  Will not be recommending Sling to anyone else.


            Bob H

            Minneapolis, MN

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