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    Help on M1 adverts

    RichJ Newbie
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      Hi Tech Support


      Bought UK M1 to replace original model today, working fine with my US MacBook Air. Using RCA's until my HDMI Splitter arrives from home.


      Please can you help me with a question?

      How can I turn all these irritating adverts off? When I buy the ad Free Ipad app, will that enable me to turn off ads on my MacBook? My classic did not ads in the interface.


      Thanks very much.



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          sakisson Novice

          Hi Rich, if you want a backup solution, try to get a slingbox 350 and use the embedded slingplayer on your browser , this has no adds >> see link below, unfortunately its not compatible with M1

          Slingbox Player

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            alanrichey42 Master

            Just to point out this is not a Tech Support forum, it is a user-based forum with occasional posts from the moderators directing you to the Knowledge Base articles.  I'm afraid Sling Media abandoned free Tech support some time ago, now you have to pay for it.


            The simple answer to your question is you can't.  Although Sling have provided ad-free copies of their Mobile apps if you pay (actually to be technically correct, they were the original apps, the new version is free but with ads) they have not provided a pay version of their main Slingplayers.   No idea why.