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    Fire Stick app with DirecTV needs Exit


      Unless I just can't find it, the app for the Fire Stick using DirecTV does not have the "exit" button. If I am in the middle of watching a show that is recorded I have no way to get out of that show and back to live TV. There are other reasons for needing the Exit button, but this one is a showstopper. I literally get stuck in the show with no way out. What makes it worse is that I can't just go to the end of the show because DirecTV has a stupid feature that automatically plays the next show in a series. You get 3 seconds after a show to cancel that, but with the response time on the Slingbox I can never hit the cancel.

      I know the last part isn't Slingbox's fault, but even when in the middle of a show sometimes I want to get back to live TV. With no Exit button I cannot.

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          evan.sling Novice

          Hi snowdog850!


          Take a look at the image below.  If you toggle all the different menus towards the top, and you don't see the exit button towards the bottom of the screen, you might not yet have found all of your remote functions.


          With some cable boxes, you might have more options under the MISC than just what shows up at the bottom.  If you scroll to the MISC menu, and in the middle of your screen you see a few dots show up, that means there are more MISC options to go through.  You can arrow to, and scroll through, those dots to give you more options under the MISC menu.  Your exit button might be there.


          The exit button might also show up as "Cancel".  Look for a cancel button as well.



          Image result for slingplayer for fire TV


          Hope this helps!