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    Slingbox solo and DVR that can record 2 shows


      Hi all!  I have a slingbox solo hooked up to a DirecTv DVR that is capable of recording 2 shows at once.  With the slingbox hooked up I am no longer able to record 2 shows at once.  Is this because the slingbox is hooked up to the DVR??  If I upgraded to a PRO would I regain my capability of recording 2 shows at once??



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          The slingbox only uses whatever video output is coming from the directv box through the video cables.  I don't have directv, but usually 2-tuner DVRs are able to process only 2 channels at the same time.  That means if you are recording 2 shows, you can't have the slingbox viewing a different channel at the same time because that would require 3 tuners.  If you only watch one of the channels that happens to be recording, that might be OK.