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    error code P31


      how do I fix when it says error P31? It is not listed on the web page.

      Thank you.

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          Linda Sling Newbie

          Hello Eiko,


          I see your having an issue with error code P31. Please check out the list of error codes in the link below.



          I hope this helps!



          Sling Media Technical Support

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              tjkahn Newbie

              I am also getting the P-31 code, with a Pro HD model.  My IT department did some things to my network at home to make my VPN smoother, and I believe I can trace the issue back to that date (slingbox has worked flawlessly for me for years).  I asked my IT guy to spell out what he did, and he sent me what is below...to a guy like me, it might as well be written in Greek.  Can someone here make sense of this and perhaps tell me what to do?  Before I ask him to get back into my network or do a hard reset, I want to see if there's a simple solution.



              The only thing I did to your
              network was changing the IP scheme.

              In the process of doing so, it
              reset your wifi settings for some reason which we recovered and tested.

              Your old network was putting out
     - *.*.*.253

              Your new network now puts out
              - *.*.*.253.

              Our VPN conflicts with the old
              10 network due to it being a 10 network itself. 

              So when connecting to VPN on a
              10 network, it has to translate your home 10 network to another 10 network
              causing network confusion.

              The 192 to 10 translation works
              much better and there’s less polling around to find where to go.

              I’m assuming the slingbox you
              have may need it’s IP settings reset, or possibly some adjustment to flow out
              of your new network.

              If it requires a static IP and
              DMZ set, that’s easily done by reserving the IP of the Slingbox in the modem
              portal and setting that reserved IP in the DMZ setting.

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                  Thank you very much for all the trouble you kindly went through. Like you

                  said, I don't quite understand the Greek. To me it sounds like the IP

                  address automatically assigned has a conflict. I wonder if that IP is

                  slingbox's or my PC away from the slingbox.

                  I will check further.

                  Thank you again for your help.