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    Time zone issues... still


      Slingbox, I am re-opening this topic because it appears that the issue is not fixed, more than two years later.  I live in Europe and have a Slingbox in California.  My guide shows times for my current time zone, which is 9 hours off from the actual Slingbox programs, and is therefore completely useless.  In the past you have provided a so-called "solution" of changing the time zone of the computer or smartphone logged into the slingbox.  Slingbox, if you think that is an acceptable solution, you are wrong.  Please advise on how to get around this or at least enter it as a bug that must be fixed.


      Is this not the point of a Slingbox... to watch your TV somewhere else, quite possibly in another time zone?  Also, it bothers me that the "answers" you that have provided in the past regarding this issue are marked as the "correct answer" and the overall topic is marked as "Answered" when the "answers" provided are obviously terrible "band-aids" that don't offer a long term solution.  PLEASE FIX THIS.