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    Slingbox through google chrome2 issues


      I have a slingbox 500 on the main tv with bell satelite feed coming thru at location 1


      with a tv in the backroom with google chrome on it. at location 2,


      both connected through the same router


      when i try to sling the signal from my main tvs satelite through to the tv at location 2, I first use my iphone slingbox app to pull up the feed then I hit the display to chormecast 2 function and it plays for 5-10 minutes normal but then the screen splits horizontally with the top 1/2 still displaying the sling feed but the bottom half displays black. it makes this product completely useless to me as this is the main feature. not sure why its doing this and how i can fix it. hoping someone on here can help me


      thanks !