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    Boxee slingbox app stopped working 5-15-16???

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      I saw this same question that wss posted in the M1/M2 discussion forum 5 days ago about a Pro HD. I have the same problem  as well. Was out of town from 5-6 to 5-15 and when I returned neither of my two Boxee Boxes would connect to my network in the Slingbox app. Both were working fine (have been for years) before I left. I know there was no update problem or electrical surge to cause the problem because both were unplugged while I was gone. Either Slingbox or Boxee have changed something and it must be Slingbox as Boxee is essentially out of business and hasn't changed anything in a couple of years. Also, other apps on my Boxee still work just fine. When I try to use the Slingbox app on the Boxee it goes through all the normal motions then says it cannot to my network. But when I go to my network settings and use the connection wizard it tells me I am connected using either Wifi or Ethernet connections.My Slingbox model is a 350.

      How about it Slingbox Support, what's up with this???