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    Sling box does not work when tv powered off

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      I had my slingbox 350 working perfectly until I let the Directv repair man come and work on some updates to my Directv.  Now for some reason, when I try and use sling box it will only work if the tv it is connected to is powered on.  It used to work as long as just the Directv box was powered on. Anyone else have this issue or any ideas on how to fix it? I have made sure all of the wires are in correctly and can't seem to figure out the problem.

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          It's been discussed a lot in the Forum, I guess you didn't check first ?    DirecTV has just implemented HDCP so unless the DirecTV box gets a valid reply from the TV down the HDMI cable (which will only happen if it is turned on) it won't work. Solution is to remove the HDMI from the TV and feed the TV from the Component OUT of the Slingbox.