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    Error in slingbox connection




      There is a P31 error when I connect my slingbox located in Hong Kong from United States.  The error happened since there was a slingbox network maintenance on 5/13.    

      The slingbox seems to work fine when connecting from Hong Kong, but not from United States.  The internet connection of my home network in United States works fine. 

      Any ideas?



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          jaswinder05 Newbie

          I think Iam experiencing a similar issue with my Pro HD slingbox it connects and then the stream disconnect.


          I have 2 pro hd box and the same issues are experienced using the windows player and Android phone app......Just to rule my Internet out my slingbox 500 works fine continuous for hours while I watch the cricket.


          All slingbox are connected at my home into the same router.


          I think the problem is on Slings side?