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    Can't view - Time Warner HDMI/HDCP input


      Today I'm unable to view my slingbox either on the web or on my ipod...still connecting ok and audio is fine, but today I'm getting the following error message:



      The set-top's HDMI port requires an HDCP-compatible TV input. Please switch to a compatible TV input or do not use the set-top's HDMI port. If your TV's input supports HDCP, the HDMI cable may be at fault.



      Is this a new error because Time Warner is trying to block out slingbox or something else in my config? If I turn on my TV (enabling the HDMI port), then the video comes up on both Ipod and slingbox web apps fine. As soon as I turn off my tv, I get the error message again (still hearing the audio).


      Anyone else seen this? Any ideas?