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    M1 and Fios intermittent unsupported video via component


      I have seen other posts on similar subjects but couldn't quite see one that matches the issue I have.


      I have a Frontier (Verizon) FIOS Quantum TV Enhanced Service box and connected to it is a Slingbox M1.


      The FIOS box is connected via HDMI cable to a Denon amplifier and then to my TV.


      The FIOS box is connected to the Slingbox M1 via component cable.

      The FIOS box is configured to output 1080i

      When I access the FIOS box via my M1 Slingbox; the HDMI connection is not being used as the amplifier and TV are both switched off.   Everything works perfectly for a short time with excellent sound and picture.  After a varying amount of time; a message "Unsupported Video" appears.  The audio continues to play whilst the message appears on screen.  After a short period; the picture comes back and will be fine again for a few minutes.

      When playing back a 30 minute program; invariably I get about two thirds of the program with sound and audio and the remaining just sound.

      I am not sure what; if anything I can do to fix this.  I did search on the Internet this issue and came across someone saying the problem was caused because the FIOS box is doing some sort of polling on the HDMI and because it doesn't find it active; the box is changing the resolution to something the M1 can't cope with.  This was some weeks ago but as bad luck would have it; I can't find the web page where this was mentioned now.

      Looking at the output options of the FIOS box; I am wondering if whilst I am accessing the box away from home I should set the output resolution to 720p instead of 1080i which might stop the box from doing whatever it is doing.

      I am a bit reluctant to try this without knowing that doing so will not screw things up as I am 4000 miles from home and would rather have the problem I have now where it is sort of usable whereas if I set the video to 720p and it doesn't work I don't know how I can set it back.

      Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome.