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    Selecting One of Multiple Roku Sticks from iPad Slingplayer

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      I have two Roku sticks connected to TVs in my house. When I cast the Slingbox stream from the iPhone app it gives me a choice of Rokus by showing the serial number of the Roku.  However, when I use the iPad to perform the same function, the two Rokus show up as "Roku 1" and "Roku 2". To make matters worse, which stick is 1 and which is 2 will change from time to time!

      HAs anyone else experienced this and is there a solution to unambiguously select the correct Roku?

      Thanks for any ideas you might have.


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          Yes, I have had the same problem.  It is impossible to differentiate among multiple Roku devices on the iPad app, although in my experience, the Roku device that is booted up last tends to be the one at the top of the list.  To make matters worse, the iPad app won't detect the Roku 3600 streaming stick (aka 2016 edition) at all.  It used to. but it broke.  Only the iPhone version now detects it.  The iPhone version appears to be a much better app when it comes to detecting and managing multiple Roku devices.  Although it looks like **** on the iPad, you could try installing the iPhone app on your iPad and using that app for those occasions you plan on streaming to a Roku device.  You can continue to use the iPad app whenever you plan to watch the Slingplayer on the iPad itself.  It's kind of a pain to switch between apps, but it does work.