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    Error Code 0x92340109 unable to connect


      After 9 months of reliable use I received the above message today. When I access my slingbox assistant it has reverted to the original set up sceens and is looking for me to go through the whole set up process. However it will not let me do this as I am not on the same network.

      I am in Portugal and watch UK TV via my laptop communicating with a slingbox at my daughter's house in Scotland. The slingbox software is installed on my laptop in Portugal.

      After some research it seems the slingbox needs a software update. (Very bad business approach of Sling to cut you off rather than give you a few months warning as the whole point of sling box is you're not at home!)

      It seems it will not do anything unless I take the laptop to my daughter's house. However, my daughter is at home and has her own computer facilities. I have a slingcatcher with me in Portugal still in the box as I was unable to connect (due to network error). I wondered if I my daughter could use her laptop which would be on the same network as the slingbox to either:

      1. re set the slingbox for internet viewing on my laptop

      2. or better still-look for the slingcatcher and set up internet viewing via the slingcatcher and thus cancel my need to use the laptop to watch TV.


      Either way I would like to get re connected. I would appreciate any help on offer.