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      All of a sudden my 350 stopped functioning.  Having been through a lot of troubleshooting in the past, I tried on my own, without success.  TV is in one room, router in another.  Service provider says router is ok. Paid $29 for technical support, and after many trouble shooting steps (most of which I had done on my own before), the tech came to the conclusion that it was the bridge.  Bought another one, but Slingbox still doesn't connect to Internet.  Brought the Slingbox to the router and plugged it in, and although there was no video, the Slingbox picked up the stations, indicating that it was OK.  Solution proposed by Slingbox folks: sorry, we've done all that we can.  Referred me to this site.  Absolutely unacceptable as a business practice.  Having paid for help, it is not unreasonable to expect to at least be pointed in the right direction.  If anyone has been through this before, any suggestions would be appreciated.