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    Help! Android Slingbox app default screen shows "Weak or no video signal" & pixelation


      Hi All, New to slingbox.  Followed and according to Slingbox interface my tv, cable and Wi-Fi all connected correctly.  When I open the Android app Sling Player (in portrait orientation) in my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, first a commercial is broadcast then I get either a "Weak or no video signal" or a pixelating screen. With the "Weak or no video signal" situation I get no service in either portrait or landscape orientation but when the screen is pixelating in portrait orientation and I switch to landscape orientation, I do get a channel broadcast.  While the channel is broadcasting and I tap the screen to activate the menu and select "program guide" the screen blinks green and continues to slightly blink green every few seconds. Has anyone else incurred these issues?  Please share any remedies or troubleshooting that corrects them. Thanks.  Dave