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    Connections to your Slingbox from the Internet have been disabled. Please contact your Sling subscription provider.


      I really have no clue as to why I am receiving this message because it was working just fine while connected through my home network and now I am away and at a hotel that has high speed internet. I haven't updated the software and my current version is 1.4.60. Is this the latest version? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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          I think there may have been a software upgrade or something.  Check it out because I am having the same problem.

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            If you're away from home and suddenly you can't connect to your  Slingbox, there are a few simple reasons that may be happening. Here are  some things to check out:

            • Remote location firewall problem
              If you're normally able  to connect to your Slingbox but are just having a problem when you're in  a specific location, there's probably a firewall on the network that's  preventing the Slingbox connection. If you suspect that this might be an  issue, you can verify this by trying to connect to your Slingbox from  another network (for example, over your cellular network on your mobile  phone, or from an Internet cafe).
            • Changes to your home network
              If you've made any changes to  your home network since the last time you connected to your Slingbox  while away from home, that's probably the issue. After getting a new  Internet Service Provider (ISP) or a new home router, you need to  reconfigure your Slingbox to work on that new network. Unfortunately, if  you are currently away, you will not be able to reconfigure the  Slingbox until your get back home.
            • Power or ISP problems at home
              If your ISP's service is down, or if there's a power outage to your home, needless to say: you can't connect to your Slingbox.
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              STUPID ANSWER TO THIS:


              Since I live very far away from my slingbox (China-US) I never thought to consider this.  After resetting the slingbox, for whatever reason (new router/not working/etc) You need to setup the slingbox again on your home network, just as you did they day you purchased the slingbox.


              Remember to configure the slingbox on your home network after each time you reset....problem solved.

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                The problem most likely is in your router IP configuration. If anyone viewing this message is within your 90 days of free service, the tech can log into your computer and reconfigure the router in 5 minutes. I have asked that they make the fix available in their help section for those of us who are computer literate enough to do it our selves instead of paying $29 or $49 to have it done. It is not that complicated if you just have the IP reconfiguration data. Even though there are so many different routers they just don't bother to make it easy for us?


                Although we all have to reboot our routers, and do so with no problems, the tech said that the factory settings replace their settings each time we reboot but for about a year I have been rebooting my router with no problem. I have no comfort in them knowing what caused the problem, and it may have been from their side??? I wrote down the fix data for the next time this happens and perhaps if you are within your 90 days you should call and as for the fix data for your router so you don't have to pay the service fee later.


                Good luck

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                  Well that would just suck to get that error. Try going to http://support.slingbox.com/go/home and look at your current configuration. Mine reads as follows:


                  Slingbox Info

                  Slingbox Name: HD PRO Slingbox

                  Tip: This is the name you gave your Slingbox during set up.

                  Slingbox ID: 4***********************************A

                  Tip: This is the unique ID for your Slingbox.

                  Slingbox Software Version: 2.1.90

                  Internet Viewing

                  Set Up Complete: Yes

                  Tip: If this says No, your Slingbox may not be fully set up for Internet Viewing.

                  Slingbox Public IP Address: 75.8**.2**.1**

                  Tip: This is the public IP address of your home network.

                  Slingbox Private IP Address:

                  Tip: This is the private IP address of your Slingbox.

                  Slingbox Port: 5001

                  Tip: This is the port that your Slingbox uses to stream video over the Internet.

                  Slingbox Access Info

                  Activation Date: 04-19-2011

                  Tip: This is the date your Slingbox was first plugged in.

                  Date Last Accessed: 04-29-2011


                  My firewall does not interfere at all since I have done multiple OS installs on my PC in the last week and the Slingbox Pro works every time from my PC, and always works from my iPad 2 either at home over wifi, or while traveling abroad using 3G data with a remote connection properly set up.


                  I am using an Apple AirPort Extreme wifi router ($179 USD) with a cable modem. I was with DSL but with a NAT being restrictive, the DSL was not satisfactory and turned out to be the problem of many things, even preventing proper communication between my Xbox and my PC. So DSL does not work for me at all. The cable modem worked instantly and for many other programs as well.


                  If you are now getting errors that were never present before can happen from time to time for a few reasons. My biggest problem are all of my ethernet cables being so delicate in the connection ports that it seems every time I simply touch a hardware component or ethernet wire, that my whole network resets resulting in my internet and intranet being unavailable for a minute or two.


                  So if you have any errors, start by looking at this page (points to Windows, but the Mac link is very visible) at:



                  Be sure to setup your Slingbox, or re-setup your Slingbox after any changes in your network, Internet Service Provider, or for simple mainenance, go to the main setup page for your Slingbox on the internet at:



                  I used my iPad at home but I turned my wifi off on the iPad so that it would only connect via a 3G connection (via Verizon 3G) and installed the iPad app that is required for viewing on a hand-held device. If you are using a laptop, then you can use your standard Internet Explorer browser to watch your Slingbox TV, but be sure that it is set up and tested in the similar fashion being absolutely sure that you are not connecting via wifi or your setup will fail since your connection will work at home via wifi but won't work while on the road via 3G or any other computer (except what is in your home network system).


                  One thing that I do before I leave on vacation is turn on TeamViewer and have it set up to accept my connection via a secured network connection where you can access your computer from anywhere you have internet access, for free for home private use only. Business users must buy a license, but it is free for home users. With TeamViewer installed and running properly will allow you to possibly change any settings on your router from a remote location if you absolutely need to. Watching your Slingbox via TeamViewer, you will be disappointed with the quality and there will be no audio either, so it is not an option to watching media.


                  If you can watch Slingbox on a computer with wifi at one location (other than your home) but it won't work when you go somewhere else, even if you are using the very same computer, and especially if you are using the same computer, then the problem is with a firewall that is installed on the wifi network that you are connecting to. They have made their network safer by blocking certain functions and IP ports thus causing your Slingbox to not reach you. In this case, there is nothing that you can do to make it work except to connect to a different wifi network, or to connect using a 3G data (or 4G if possible) type of connection. If you have a computer with a working 3G data connection that can access your Slingbox correctly, then it should work no matter where you are at. If something stopped working and you haven't done any computer software upgrades (automatic updates in the background should happen automatically without your intervention and may cause your system to not function properly) then you probably just need to run the Slingbox setup again via the hyperlink provided above for setup.


                  I believed that I changed the settings on my new Apple AirPort Extreme wifi router correctly causing me to have remote viewing of my Slingbox without any problems. I am going to explain to everyone what I did with my Apple AirPort Extreme wifi router to enable the settings to properly route my Slingbox making it work properly. This is basically what I did using my PC and after installing the software that accompanies the router called "AirPort Utility" which is found directly on the Start Menu, above all of the folders in a short list of programs, possibly right near the top of the list.

                  Open "AirPort Utility". Click MANUAL, then ADVANCED, then PORT MAPPING, then click the "+" button.


                  Next to "Public TCP Port(s):" type 5001, and in the next field type 5001 as well. Then next to "Private IP Address:", you need to know what your own IP address is as it will most certainly be different than mine. Then in the next two fields, type 5001 in both fields. Then click CONTINUE and in the description of the Port Mapping entry, type "Slingbox" and then click DONE and then UPDATE. Then acknowledge the reset of your router and let it restart. All internet and all network services will all go out and then it will take perhaps two minutes before everything is back up and running properly.

                  While in the "Manual" mode of the AirPort Utility program, it is advised to click FILE then SAVE CONFIGURATION FILE prior to making any changes. Save the file somewhere in case you make something worse on your router. You can then revert back to the old configuration at ease. Also save the configuration after you make the changes. This will help in the future if the router is reset and it loses the configuration (perhaps a power outage) as it will allow the correct changes to be programmed back in to the router with extreme ease.


                  My port number 5001 may be different than your number, but probably not. But any number may be different as every person's computer system is different. But basically you can see that you need to set up Port Forwarding in your router. In many cases, where my IP number starts with "10.0.1...", your IP number may start with "192.168.1..." or "192.168.0...". This is similar as to how you may have to access your router to change the information. In your browser like Internet Explorer, instead of typing a dot com address, try typing: or as those two links are the key to accessing the configuration of many popular routers. I believe that these two numbers are for Netgear, and the other is for Linksys (Cisco).


                  Remember that you can find your port number (5001 or something else) as well as your private IP address for your Slingbox that you will need when setting up a port forward, all on the Slingbox Setup page on the internet as shown near the beginning of this document. So be sure to copy and paste your Slingbox Information in to a text document for permanent record and ease of creating your Port Forward setting that you need to do.


                  Good luck and happy remote viewing!

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                    I get a similar error message, except mine says this:


                    Connections to your Slingbox from the Internet have been disabled. Do you want to retry?
                    My internet at my house is working fine.  I was watching the sling box as normal 24 hours ago.  I am in the beautiful Republic of Kazakhstan, my sling box in in the great state of Texas.  So it is not like I can walk to the next room and experiment with it.
                    Does anyone have any idea what is causing this problem?   The sling box has been working perfectly fine for the last 6 or 8 months.  It just started giving me this error today.  What can I do????
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                        chakkarinen Apprentice

                        You don't mention in your message whether you have your router in Texas assigning a static IP address to your slingbox.   If you do not have the router assign a static IP address, and your router gets reboooted -- such as due to an electrical outage in Texas -- then it is possible that your Slingbox would be assigned a new IP address by the router when it reboots, if the IP address is being dynamically assigned.  The only solution that immediately comes to mind to me is to log in to your router and have it assign a static IP address to the slingbox --- you need the MAC ID of the Slingbox to do this, whichmay be llisted on the suport pagen teh support page at slingbox.com wwhen you log inteo that site.


                        After you have done the static IP address assignment, then forward port 5001 from your router to that static IP address.   Then reboot the router, adn I believe that the slingbox should begin working again -- unless it is also necessary to reboot the slingbox,  such as having a Texas neighbor unplug its power supply for 30 seconds.