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    Slingplayer for Nvidia Shield


      Hi All, Does anyone know of a way to get the slingplayer to work on my Nvidia shield, Currently still using my IPAD connected to the TV would be so much simpler to have an app that would work with Android TV. Only item I have seen is to Sideload Fire TV to Shield but this would only work if you have an Amazon account. No problem purchasing a version. Would just be nice to have.

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          ekbsrk Newbie

          Since the shield is cast-enabled, and is built on Android TV, shouldnt the slingplayer apps cast to the shield? I cant guarantee the quality of this method, since the cast implementation on a regular chromecast is terrible and sling refuses to fix it. But theoretically, per all the advertisements from sling and nvidia promoting google cast, it should work. Wouldnt surprise me if it didnt, though....sigh....

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            I have a shield, and the cast feature is very flaky. The stream usually takes few tries to start up. And once you have the stream going , about 3 4 minutes into the stream, you lose half of the picture . I haven't had a consistent behavior on nVidia Shield or 2nd gen ChromeCast.


            Somehow, it works well with FireTV and FireTV stick. I wish there is a dedicated app, rather then an inconsistent cast feature.