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    How to turn watch Slingbox 500 remotely without turning on TV

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      After 10 years with my Slingbox pro HD (purchased in 2006), I decided to upgrade and bought a Slingbox 500. Wow what a difference.......love the picture quality on phone and Computers! The only problem is that when turn on the device remotely to watch remotely, the TV at home connected to my Directv Genie (DVR with whole-home TV capabilities) turns on (wasting electricity.....causing my 60 inch LG TV to play with no one home). I imagine there is a setting that might be able to solve this? Thanks! I had a similar issue with my old slingbox pro HD which was connected to a different Directv box (an HR-24) and a different TV (Samsung). In that case,  I noticed that even turning on the DVR manually caused the TV to turn on ....so I was able to modify a setting on the TV to solve that. In the case of the new Slingbox 500 though (unlike the slingbox pro), there are both Component out to TV and HDMI out to TV (after outputting from the Slingbox 500)  the which are both engaged to satisfy HDCP concerns. So I am less optimistic about a setting on the LG TV being able to solve this problem since the Genie (Directv Set top box) can be turned on manually without the TV turning on. Thanks again!