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    Slingbox Network issue

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      I've had a sling-box 350 for about a year now and its worked satisfactorily up until this point. I use it maybe once every 3 months. Today I tried to use it from my phone to watch some TV and I can no longer connect via WIFI. Interestingly I can connect using my LTE connection. Just not my local WIFI connection. This tells me that the sling box is trying to route the traffic locally and failing. However the internet facing aspects of its connection must be working fine. Another added twist is that when I tell it to stream to a chrome cast, it works for 3 seconds and then gives me a connection error. It does not work on any mobile device when using the local WIFI network but it does work on my windows computer. I have reset the Slingbox, reinstalled the app, used other devices, added the local IP to the routers DMZ, and tried port forwarding. Nothing is working and im at a loss. I have searched the internet far and wide and cannot find anyone who knows anything about this. Please Help!