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    You did not tell me my new Slingbox 500 was supported by ads!!!

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      No where on your packaging does it say, no monthly fee, BUT YOU WILL NEED TO LOOK AT A LOT OF ADS.


      Since when is Slingbox ad supported???  I had an old box and there were no ads.  I bought a new 500 and the Desktop viewer is slammed with ads.  I can enlarge to full screen and they go away but the vast majority of people who are using this are at work or on a computer where they want a small TV window.  This really stinks.  $300 for an AD BOX. 


      I'm not costing Slingbox anything after my purchase.  My ISP is not through you.  I should be able to use the app with out ads for junk.


      Is Sling TV also slammed with ads.


      Is there a plan to fix this or, are Slingbox owners now ad views who do not want to be?