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    Questions about "No Manufacturers listed during remote setup"

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      Hello, I have read about the"no remote manufacturers listed during setup" problem in this forum and wanted a few clarifications.

      - My Slingbox Solo was working fine and had a remote - a generic, very limited one, but it worked. When I tried to find a better one on setup, I got the remotes list completely empty and couldn't revert to the old generic. Any chance I can at least get the old remote back?

      - Has anyone managed to fix the problem by deleting the box from the profile and adding it again?

      - Most posts I have read say the box is probably faulty and Support could replace it, even though mine is out of warranty. But apparently the only way to contact Support now is by phone and paying $40. I wouldn't mind paying for a reasonable maintenance fee, but what are the chances they will take my $40 and say "sorry, nothing we can do here, your box is toast and forever will be"?

      Any tip is greatly appreciated.

      Thanks a lot!!