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    CCTV via Slingbox


      I use the Slingbox to connect a bird's nest box camera to a wireless router on my home network. I have not found a way to view it on more than one computer at the same time. I have configured two computers as guests but they still cannot watch simultaneously, with or without the owner logged in. Is it possible for two devices to receive the camera output simultaneously, and if so, how should I set them up?

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          Linda Sling Newbie

          Hello Shoeburyness,


          I understand you would like to have more than one person view the Slingbox simultaneously. Here is an article that explains how many people can view the Slingbox at a time.


          Hope this helps!


          Sling Media Technical Support

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              Hi Linda,


              Thank you for that answer, with which I shall have to be satisfied. The blog would not accept my reply.


              I was hoping to stream my bird's nest box camera output to the internet so that everyone who has a link can see it. But I shall have to seek another way to do that. At least the box will convert the Video and Audio DIN plug or SCART output to a format that I can see on a computer.


              The output is my own; I'm not trying to redistribute copyrighted film or TV material!


              It's a pity I can't watch the birds in my own garden upstairs on a desktop Mac whilst my wife watches it on a laptop downstairs!


              Also it seems to stream the camera output to the internet and back to my router before I can see it, which uses a lot of bandwidth and monthly download allowance. Why can it not connect solely through my router to the computer, as my printer does?


              Kind regards.