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    Set-up M1 on a Roku TV


      We have been streaming Netflix and Prime and using a few of the apps that we could get free with the Roku TV.  Recently we did a cost/benefit analysis, and we realized we could get faster internet by dumping our AT&T landline phone (which we never used anyway) and the AT&T internet and instead going with Comcast.  Comcast/Xfinity requires you get at least basic cable, which was okay by us. 


      So now we've gotten our first Slingbox - whoo hooo!  We hook it up, it works fine EXCEPT it only lets us see the basic cable stuff, not any of the apps on the Roku TV.  No Netflix.  No Prime.  


      The cable was, by the way, put into the AV port by the technician from Comcast. 


      So I realize I can probably disconnect the cable altogether and run the Slingbox just through the Roku TV.  And maybe I could buy the $49 attachment that slingbox suggests in the set-up answers to common problems.  I'm not willing to pay $49 bucks plus $7 shipping for a slingbox I got off Amazon's refurbished rack.  I am willing to bypass the basic cable, but would like to know if anyone knows of a way we can keep it. 


      It would be nice to be able to view ALL the channels that I get on my Roku Tv when we go to Canada this summer. 


      So, does anyone have any suggestions on hooking up to a Roku TV when the cable has been put in the AV port or in any of the other ports?  If not, I'll just settle for getting what I can get just on Roku, but it would be a shame not to get everything.



      Thanks for any help anyone might have.  I appreciate it. 

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          eric_b Newbie

          If it were me... I would just pick up a Roku 2 or one of the other Roku devices and just take that on your trip.  It will be a lot less hassle.  I think most people use the SlingBox to view the content from a cable-provided box on a TV in another room (or location).  I don't believe you would even have the capability to change the "channel" for the Roku TV app from a remote location (but, I could be wrong).  You can probably find a refurb Roku 2 on GroupOn or something.