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    Slingbox 500 to Comcast X1 question

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      After looking at questions about how to hook the 500 up to the X1 I went to the Gang Hu site to buy the converter, but they're out of stock till July.  I couldn't find a similar converter online anywhere.  It looks like the Gang Hu has both an HDMI in and out, but all the converters I see online elsewhere only have one HDMI port.  Is there a way to get this to work with a converter with only one HDMI port or does anyone know if there is another converter out there like the Gang Hu one?

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          I just purchased this one:


          http://www.microcenter.com/product/444596/Hdmi_To_Component_Audio_Converter at Microcenter. I plugged the HDMI out from the X1 to the HDMI input (of this "Kanex Pro HDMI to Compnent with Audio Converter") then output the component into Component in of the Slingbox 500 and then connected the Component Out from the Slingbox 500 to the TV. So at least you have HD HDCP compliant TV on all channels just no HDMI. The only problem I encountered was the audio didn't go through (might be defect). That was no problem since I just connected the composite audio directly from the X1 to the red white audio inputs of the slingbox and outputted composite from Slingbox 500 to the TV. I was told that the fact that this device is powered by adaptor makes it work better than mere cables.