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    Incompatibility with Slingbox Pro, Windows XP, Comcast Receiver

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      So, I have a Slingbox Pro. I have a Windows XP Pro operating system. I tried to use my Slingbox pro and I had to download new software. The software doesn't work with Windows XP anymore. So I needed a new operating system in my computer. Instead, I purchased a new Slingbox M2. When I got it home I discovered it also needs Windows 7, and to make matters worse, it doesn't have HDMI, which my new Comcast box has and the Comcast box doesn't have composite in or out. So, I try to order the adapter so that I can convert HDMI to Composite. It's back-ordered until July. I'd like to have HD quality, which if I read the Slingbox material correctly, requires composite, I can't get a Comcast composite box, I have to buy a new computer with Windows 7... what's wrong with this picture? There must be an easier way. Please tell me.