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    SlingPlayer will not control Channel Master DVR+ anymore


      I have read other posts that seem to pertain to this topic however I realize that my meagre technical skills prevent me from understanding.  I hope that someone has the patience to assist me.


      About a year or so ago we “cut the cord” purchased a Channel Master DVR+, a Slingbox 500 and the SlingPlayer Android app in order to recreate the options we used to have when using the Dish DVR for two TVs. (What was recorded on the one Dish DVR could be played on either of our two TV sets.)  All was hooked up according to directions and the SlingPlayer app did indeed “sling” our recordings from the Channel Master DVR+ to the other TV via the Roku box.  The added bonus was being able to watch our recordings on our mobile devices, which we even did from Europe!  However it does not seem to work now.


      Now the SlingPlayer app will attach to the SlingBox but when I go to the Misc window of the virtual remote and try to control the Channel Master, nothing happens other than the buffering circle whirls for a few moments and it goes back to Live TV.   The actual remotes work on their respective pieces of hardware.


      I have checked that I have all the latest updates for the SlingPlayer app, the Channel Master (132R (0.5) and the SlingBox 500 (UI Apps Version 01.08.23 Firmware 1.10.95 Hardware Version 1.3.1)


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.