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    mobile player for android phone keeps disconnecting on wifi

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      so for some reason this site says my slingbox 500 has an expired warranty and i just got it for xmas and it said it expired in 2014 so thats odd given all i did was go to the site on my phone and i didn't enter anything. moving past that i have a Galaxy note 4 and when im connected to wifi the connection drops sometimes every  30 seconds on the sling box app on my phone and i have to close and open the app to work. the app is the only thing with a data issue everything else works fine.  Strangely this does not happen when I'm using LTE. only on wifi.  i had an older device that was the same as the sling box and it worked just fine until the power supply died (cracked into pieces) and i though i found a power supply that would work on my old device but it lasted 2 months and then it fried my old device. my old  lasted 12 years. It was a Monsoon media device but it was made by the company that monsoon media purchased.

      now i can stream anything on my cell phone on my wifi with no issues. i can even stream a show on  my phone and stream it to my tv and this doesn't happen.

      its just this app on wifi.

      i have a samsung Galaxy Note 4 running 6.0.1 stock rom and i have never rooted this phone. i have the latest software version on this device and my phone. also it didn't alway do this... my cells download speed on wifi is about 120mb and up iz 23 to 29mb.

      the device it hard wired into my comcast all in 1 router modem phone. its one of there newer modems  because the old ones didn't go that fast. so why am i only having issues with the app on wifi.....


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          also i want to add one more thing.  even though i get no sound or video on the app on my phone when it appears to disc  connected from the sling box i can still pause rewind fast forward or exit a show. i just go to the tv the sling box is connected too and i watch how i can still control the box but i have lost video and audio on the mobile app.  so help would be great! also like i said this os a recent development.  maybe theres an issue with the app and the new version of Android 6.0.1 idk but something is off..


          tks again