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    Lights Blinking Very Slowly

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      I seem to believe this may have happened with a previous player we owned, however, I think that one may have actually started smoking. This is our third player, and it appears that the power is not properly working. Both lights are blinking very slowly and very dimly. I was hoping to get in contact with support - but have not been able to.

      Does anyone have any suggestions?

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          Hello Angela Rosetti,



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          Since the power light on your Slingbox is blinking, consider replacing the power supply cord; they are available through the following website:



          If, after replacing the power cord, the Slingbox power light still blinks, or does not remain on steadily, the Slingbox very likely may need to be replaced. If the Slingbox model you own is either an M1, 350, Pro-HD, SOLO, Pro, AV or Tuner, you are eligible for a discount on a new Slingbox if you order directly from Sling Media. Use this link to learn more:




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