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    no sound on sling box app

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      brand new to sling box, I have tried everything on my iPad to turn up the sound but there is no sound when watching tv on my sling box app on my iPad.  Anyone have any ideas how to get sound?

      I have M1/M2 version with component cables connecting to the verizon fits cable box and everything seems to be hooked up correctly.


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          Hi woodie2121,



          Thank you for utilizing our Community forum. Here is some information to help you get audio while viewing your Slingbox:


          If you try viewing on a different device (such as a smart phone or laptop) and have no audio on that device either, then the issue likely lies at the Slingbox location. Here is an article from our Support site to help you figure out why you might not be getting audio through your Slingbox:



          Audio issues typically happen because the audio cable (the red & white pair) has not been installed or, if the cable is installed, it might have become defective. If you do not have your Quick Start Guide, use this Support article to find the guide that corresponds to your Slingbox model; it will help you ensure that the audio and video cables are installed properly.





          Hope this helps,
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