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    Issue sending Audio to Slingbox when using HDMI Splitter (would Gang-Hu fix it?)

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      I have Cox Cable and recently upgraded to a new Contour 2 box which unfortunately now only has an HDMI out (my previous box had both HDMI out and Component Out). I previously connected the HDMI out to my receiver, and the component out to my Slingbox M1.


      I've read about the Gang Hu adapter, and have an order in for one, but it's currently on back order and I'm getting some returned emails from them.


      I'm the meantime I thought I would try to buy some separate adapters myself so I could get this working. I purchased the following:


      ViewHD Splitter (with switch for 5.1)



      Portta HDMI to Component converter



      I needed to buy an HDMI splitter that would pass through 5.1 audio (so that I can watch TV in 5.1) since others I had tried would only pass 2 channel. The problem is when I set it the switch to 5.1, the audio from the slingbox is just a loud noise, but when I set it to 2 channel, the audio comes through fine.


      Does anyone know if Slingbox should support an input of 5.1 audio? I'm trying to see if my Portta adapter is an issue, or if I need to find a different hdmi adapter.


      For those that have the Gang-Hu adapter, are you still able to get 5.1 sent to your receiver when using it, or does it downgrade the audio to 2 channel?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!