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    HDMI to component


      Hi All, I have been trying to use the slingbox M2 with the ziggo horizon mediabox (samsung  SMT-G7400). The remote works fine, all connections are set up as it should be, I can connect to the slingbox through the slingplayer webapp but all I get is a scrambled screen, sound is OK. I have tried a few different set-ups:


      1. Connect the box via:  scart - scart to hdmi concerter - hdmi to RGB converter - slingbox M2 - TV. Result: picture on the TV is OK but no picture through web app.

      2. Connect the box via: hdmi - hdmi to RGB converter - slingbox M2 - TV. Result: no picture on TV and no picture through web app.


      I assume that it has something to with the HDCP protection in the samsung mediabox. So I have ordered a HDCP hdmi splitter that will strip the HDCP signal. Hope that works. But as far as I understood the scart output of the media box is not HDCP protected. Still does not work.


      Has anyone had any success in connecting this samsung box successfully to the slingbox and actually get a good picture through the web app ? Any suggestion ?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          I know absolutely nothing about this box, but are you sure the SCART socket actually outputs the HDMI signal ?   I have never heard of this before.  Most SCART sockets provide only the SD Composite video signal. 

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            esdwa Newbie

            I had the same problem with scrambled screen when converting HDMI to Component. Described here in couple of occasions. The HDFury2 device solved the problem and I enjoy streaming my cable using M1 in HD through Component input (YPbPr).



            From your message it seems you are attempting to convert from SCART to Component using HDMI, That is silly because it make no sense as SCART carry only SD (Standard definition) picture quality. For High Definition (HD) you need to convert from HDMI of your source to Component for M1/M2. For this you have to use device I mentioned at the beginning of my post, unless your source already have component (YPbPr) output. Then just connect directly to Slingbox. Hope it helps.



            Slingbox has no RGB input, it has Component input YPbPr. Although the RCA inputs are color marked as Red-Green-Blue, this is not RGB, so using RGB (SCART-RGB) source wont work. In general sources equipped with SCART do not provide component signal (YPbPr) , only Composite, S-Video or RGB. All three are NOT high definition. So only high definition source quipped with HDMI or Component output provide high definition signal for your M1/M2. Again, for HDMI you must use HDFury2 to convert from HDMI to component as other converters including one advertised by Slingmedia does not work in 99% cases. Good luck.