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    Channel Guide Stops at 100 - Cablevision


      My iPhone app is working fine but the channel guide only goes to ch 100.  ANyone else have this problem?

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          I'm not sure it's the same problem.  I'm using OSX Yosemite and Slingbox 500 on NYC Time-Warner digital cable and when I use my Safari browser to connect to newwatch.slingbox.com the fixed onscreen channel guide only goes up to 100.  However, there is a Guide icon above the Live TV viewing window where there's also the zoom icon and remote icon.  If I click on that Guide icon a new Guide window pops up and that displays all my channels.  It's a very messy setup.  I don't know who coded this ****.  I hate the ads.  The desktop app is no longer working which I always preferred to use instead of a browser.  As near as I can tell, the Slingbox Safari browser plug-in doesn't show My Media for the SB500 drive.  It's just a horrible experience.  I want a new desktop app.  Anyway, I hope this helps you.