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    New Router


      I have a slingbox 500 in Canada.  and I am in South America.  Due to a malfunction the wireless router connected to the Sling Box is being replaced.

      At present I have an Ethernet cable connected  into the Sling box NETWORK jack. which in turn is connected to a LAN port on the router.

      Will I have to do a hard reset and reconfigure to resume being to watch tv here in South America?  Thank you for an or all answers.


      April 24/16

      Am at a bit lost now.

      My lan cable is connected to new  router.

      Slingbox is linked to DSL tv modem ( not using HDMI cable for that)

      When I power up my Slingbox 500 the power light comes on. 

      Next the network light flashes a few times and powers off.

      The sling logo flashes a few times as the network light and remains off.

      When the sling logo stays off, does that mean that the Sling Box has to be reconfigured?

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          eric_b Newbie

          I would bet that the biggest issue will be whether or not you were using port forwarding to a static ip address (which you should, for security of your network).  If your new router does not have that configured, it could be a problem.  My guess would be that plugging the SB into the new router should assign a new IP address and the SB shouldn't need a hard reset, but I may be wrong there.