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    Slingbox solo not working

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      for months now ive been i can watch my slingbox on any device, today i actually have time and i want to get it to work before my trip. At first it wasnt recognizing my password, i changed passwords and i was able to log onto the site but then the password wasnt recognized again. i did a hard reset and was able to connect and everything was going fine, but it told me it needed to update my slingbox and it starts updating and stops at 25%. whats going on? what can i do? HELP!

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          For future reference, a quick forum search on '25%' would have given you the answer in seconds rather than having to wait for someone to react.   I think this is the 20th time I have answered this question, its getting a bit boring .


          There is a bug in the Mac software that causes the hangup, you need to borrow a Windows laptop for 15 minutes to do the update.