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    B.S. I have bought 4 boxes, 2 HD, 350 and 500 and they don't even have my 500 registered in the system

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      And they can't help me trouble shoot who is hijacking my account every night..BECAUSE they don't have the 500 registered on the system WHILE I am slinging with it.

      THEY want me to reregister, holy **** what a pain in the ***!  Not going to happen, I have 3 tvs in Mexico and I am NOT resetting the WDTV live or the NEOTV, and for giggles I owned a sling catcher too, can you say $1200 in hardware and they can't help out without me reregistering or paying that **** $29.95 fee!  B.S.!!!!


      They need to better support their early and current adopters, I am NOT buying another one ever!